Lifetime Limited Structural Warranty.

Harmony Engineered Hardwood Flooring warrants, to the original purchaser, that our flooring has been manufactured to remain free from structural manufacturing defects. We warrant that, for the life of the floor, when used under “normal” household conditions”, the floor will not buckle, twist, warp or separate at the plies due to glue bond failure. “Normal household conditions”, is defined as those daily activities commonly associated with residential use where the flooring is maintained according to maintenance procedures as prescribed in the National Wood Flooring Association Maintenance Guidelines.

25 Year Finish Warranty.

Harmony Engineered Hardwood Flooring warrants, to the original purchaser, that the surface finish, a factory applied UV cured aluminum oxide urethane finish, will not wear through or separate from the wood for a full twenty (25) years, from the date of purchase, when used under normal residential traffic conditions, and as long as you follow the preventive maintenance and regular maintenance as prescribed in the National Wood Flooring Association Maintenance Guidelines.

Hard wax oil finish penetrates into the wood fibers preventing the separation of the finish from the wood. It is easily recoat able and is available with a user friendly care and maintenance package which will ensure that the finish will not wear through under normal residential use when properly followed. The use of other maintenance products not approved for Hard wax oil finish may damage your floor.

Finish warranty excludes any surface check/splits caused by improper environment conditions, indentations, scratches, or surface damage caused by lack of proper maintenance, misuse, negligence, accidents, pets, spiked heel shoes, (or shoes not under proper repair), water, wet mopping, erosion, pebbles, sand, other abrasives, and/or insufficient protection. The surface wear must be readily visible and cover at least a full square inch of the surface area. Gloss reduction is NOT considered surface wear. All wood is natural, therefore there will be variances in color and wood grain, and wood flooring will naturally change in color after exposure to UV indoor or sunlight. This will NOT be covered in the finish warranty.

Limited Warranty - Exclusions and Conditions

Given that wood is a product of nature, minor quality variations in grain and associated milling defects of up to 5% of total
square footagepurchased are not covered by this limited warranty as per industry standards determined by the National Wood Flooring Association Guidelines.


IMPROPER STORAGE, HANDLING OR INSTALLATION. Installation instructions must be followed. Subflooring must be dry and properly installed.

Damage caused by use of water based adhesives over sheet vapor barriers or sound insulation.

Maintenance instructions must be followed and in particular the floor cannot be wet mopped.

The humidity level in the home must be in the 40%-50% range throughout the year using air conditioners, humidifiers or dehumidifiers as appropriate. Dramatic variations in humidity may cause micro checking of the finish. This is not considered a defect and is not covered by the warranty.

This warranty dose not cover gapping caused by natural expansion and contraction, improper seating of planks during installation or by mastic memory.

This warranty dose not cover damage caused by neglect, abnormal use or misuse, application of solvents, corrosives or other chemicals to the flooring, color changes, excessive pivot and point-loads, stiletto shoes, heavy furniture or equipment, unpadded furniture feet, water, pet claws, pet urine, damage from sand, pebbles or other abrasives or other unintended use.

This warranty does not cover the damage caused by moisture penetration through the subfloor, flooding, leaking plumbing, overflowing sinks or similar water damage.

This warranty dose not cover any insect infestation after the product has left the factory.

Only low temperature radiant heating systems which are regulated to never exceed 80F at the wood surface may be used. If surface area is allowed to exceed 80 Degrees Fahrenheit all warranties are void. There is a greater risk of gaps occurring especially when installed over radiant heating systems. Such gaps are NOT manufacturing defects and are not covered by this warranty.

Wood is a natural product, containing natural variation in color, tone and grain. We do not warrant natural variation in color within the floor nor variations between samples and the installed floor. Variation may also develop over time because of varying exposure to sunlight or UV light.

This warranty dose not cover any noises, such as popping, cracking or squeaking.

*Other items not covered under the warranties include damage caused by natural events such as hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, and floods; installation of flooring with visible defects; construction traffic abuse to the surface of the flooring; use of non-recommended nailers, staplers or adhesives.

Harmony Warranty Protection and Coverage.

In the unlikely event that any portion of your floor fails under the provisions of this warranty Harmony Flooring must be given every reasonable opportunity to inspect the floor prior to any determination of warranty coverage or any remedies. Warranty protection and coverage includes: (1) replacement of material; or (2) refund the purchase price of material.

Installation Over Radiant Heat

Installer - Advise your customer of the following:

-Maximum allowable wood surface temperature is 82 Degrees Fahrenheit. Note that rugs can increase surface temperature 5 Degrees Fahrenheit or more.
-Maintain 40-60% humidity at all the times. If necessary, use humidifiers.
-Room temperature should not vary more than 15 Degrees Fahrenheit season to season.

Heating system requirement:

-Only low temperature radiant heating systems with accurate control systems that assure that the floor surface temperatures never exceed 82 Degrees Fahrenheit are permitted.
-The entire floor area must be evenly heated. Even with perimeter heating systems the floor's surface temperature must never exceed 82 Degrees Fahrenheit.

Setting the heating system for installation:

-System must be fully operating at normal temperature for a minimum of 21 days prior to floor installation.
-The heating system must be turned off 24 hours prior to installation and must remain off for 24 hours after installation.
-Starting 24 hours after completion of installation, turn on the heating system and gradually increase the temperature over a 7 day period to normal operating. Never allow the floor temperature to exceed 82 Degrees Fahrenheit.


-The floor construction should have a heat dissipating layer that provides an even temperature across the entire floor area and avoids high temperature in any area. Under plywood subfloors heat transfer plates or insulation must be in place.
-The subfloor should be completely dry. Moisture on a dry weight basis must not exceed 1.5% for concrete, 0.3% or less for gypsum and 6-12% for wood subfloors.
-A vapor barrier should be installed on all concrete, stone, mineral or wood subfloors. It must be directly under and as close to the flooring as possible.
-Heating pipes must be covered with 1¨ of concrete or be a minimum of 1/8¨ below bottom of plywood subfloor.
-The wood floor must lie tight against the sub-surface without an air gap that can cause considerable drying out of the wood.


-Separation adjoining radiant heated and non-radiant heated areas with expansion joints


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